Order 225/2023 information

In accordance with the provisions of Order 225/2023 regarding information to consumers by economic operators that carry out activity in the online environment , we inform you about the information regarding the company OLD AUTO ROLLING S.R.L., owner of the online platform www.plus-auto.ro

Society name:

Social headquarters:
Bucharest Sector 1, Soseaua Nordului, No. 96G, Floor 1, Ap. 3, Room 3

Unique registration code:
48054390, tax attribute RO

Registered business number:

Objects of activity authorized at the registered office:
6202 - IT consultancy activities
7021 - Consulting activities in the field of public relations and communication
6311 - Data processing, web page administration and related activities
6209 - Other information technology service activities
6203 - Management activities (management and exploitation) of computing resources
9609 - Other service activities n.e.c.
4619 - Intermediaries in the trade of various products
4618 - Intermediaries in specialized trade in the sale of specific products, n.e.c
4614 - Intermediaries in the trade of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
4791 - Retail trade through order houses or the Internet